COVID impacted every facet of society.

Getting your message out online got lost in an over-saturated medium. We started to spend more time offline by concentrating on family or  being in the great outdoors.

TV and radio advertising are hit and miss in our new era too. What COVID really did was expose where we were all going anyways. This isn't a blip on the radar. Pedal Power is ahead of the curve.

Smart messaging that is targeted, adaptable, fun, and human.


According to Nielsen, outdoor advertising is the best non-digital medium for generating online activity. TV, radio, and online ads are intrusive. Outdoor advertising is expected and, in some cases, even celebrated. Pedal Power sees a lot of smiles and pictures being taken. We talk to people on the street who love your brand and how its being made visible. 


People who see us use their phone to take a picture instead of looking at their phone while in a bus. This does two things. First your ad gets shared digitally. Secondly other people curiously try to see what everyone else is looking!

And in the area of outdoor media, professionals within the industry consider mobile bicycle advertising to be a top medium. Outdoor Advertising Magazine says 97% of people are able to recall mobile billboard ads compared to 58% of people remembering ads they saw online.  

Our typical count of viewers per hour is over 100 people in rural towns and 1,000 in urban areas. Advertising on mobile billboards is also 2.5 times more effective than on static billboards.

Why Are Bicycle Driven Billboards So Effective?

Huge Reach

We find and move around high traffic areas. Everyone in the area sees mobile billboards. We follow the physical network of people. We answer the public's questions and can hand out swag for you.


Specific Targeting

Mobility, paired with timing is our game. We access downtown streets and residential neighborhoods. We know that people like to mow on Saturday mornings and when the local university classes are letting out. We focus on community events, football games, commuter traffic, and more.


Mobile billboards cannot be muted, switched off or blocked. We are better than a wrapped vehicle because we are not moving amongst the same cars on a short commute.

By their nature, they are not easily avoidable  – even people who choose not to look at them directly still see them.

Bonus: Low CPM

Advertising isn't cheap. We're cost effective with more bang for the buck. We have less overhead and are extremely cost effective.