We are currently hiring!!!


Before joining Pedal Power, we want you to know the basics. Please take a few minutes to read up on some essential points of the job before applying.

"What am I applying for?"

Pedal Power operates bicycle rickshaws (aka pedicabs). These are big tricycles where drivers (that's you) pull people around who sit on a bench seat.

It is really fun if you are a people person and pays well in the regular wage and you keep tips. We also advertise on the back of the pedicabs and with trailers with banners pulled by bicycle.

We also produce special events like holiday light tours, date nights, weddings, producing webisodes, and so much more.

"Is it hard to drive a pedicab?"

Yes and no. We have pedal assist motors which are really amazing! But, that doesn't mean we still don't pedal. We cover a lot of ground in daily use or special events in all types of Midwest weather with a hill here and there. Every day is a great day, but it isn't always physically easy. When we do special events like a football game we hustle to get as many fares as possible. You don't have to be a triathlete, but we want to ensure that you are physically safe.

Rarely you may have to prop up a cab to fix a flat or some other maintenance issue. And help loading the cabs into trailers. But we work in groups so you're never alone.

Psychologically it is also wonderful. But there are the occasional days where it is slow or it seems like everyone else is getting awesome tips. If you're tired and outside for a shift it can feel draining every now and then. Especially when we operate at tons of various hours.


"What are the perks?"

We are a professional business. And that means we want you to be invested in what you do. We want this to be a meaningful job where you can make a difference. That means:

  • We pay $15-$20 per hour and you keep all tips. At bigger events it isn't unusual to make $200 in tips alone. Big Personality = Big Tips.

  • You can be as hands on as you want to be outside of riding. Do you want to make sales calls, help with marketing, or other admin aspects? If you are excited about what you do, what we do, there is room to be involved as you want to be.

  • Very thorough training (basic operation, mechanical skills, sales skills, safety skills... etc.

  • We have high end equipment and keep it maintained. This makes life easier for you and ensures you keep making money.

  • We understand that you're human. Actually we value that. And that means that you get full support and flexibility.

"What do we require?"

  • Strong sense of humor.

  • Kindness. Can't stress this enough. If you gripe or are rude to customers, partners, or other employees we don't want you representing us.

  • Diplomacy / tact / emotional intelligence. For Pedal Power, our clients, those we advertise for, other employees, and yourself. This goes a long way for your goals.

  • Improvising. We are creative through and through. We love new ideas, especially in challenging times.

  • Follow through. Leadership is what you do when nobody is looking. We want you to have integrity.


To apply email

No formal application is necessary. But we would like references and a short bio. 

We're eager to have you tell us why you think you'd be a good fit in "the Tribe" of pedicabbing.  We want to share our culture, teach you our lingo, encourage your skills and ride alongside you!  We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!