Unique Advertising Opportunities

According to Nielsen ratings, "outdoor advertising is the best non-digital medium for generating online activity. TV, radio, and online ads are intrusive. Outdoor advertising is expected and, in some cases, even celebrated." 


Community Involvement

  • Cash Cab door prize submission - make your brand noticeable by giving out some SWAG!   Our pedicabs primarily operate downtown, our reach is far beyond that.  Our pedicab drivers are liasons to our community, make recommendations to our passengers and hundreds of passerbys of local points of interests, hot spots and good eats.

  • Jersey sponsorship - Show your support, be an industry leader!

  • Feel Good Fares - Sponsor a night out, or hire us for your event to provide complimentary fares!

  • Cycling 101 workshops We'll commute with you!  How to ride in traffic & what routes to take, what clothing to wear and how to arrive clean to work.  How to set up, lock up, and maintain your bike.  Fix your own flat, safety and tips for the road.

Woman After Workout
Man Carrying Bike



Shauna Burns, Driver

"FGF's are amazing opportunities for both the passenger and the driver.  Feel Good Fares allow the passenger to enjoy a ride with little to no hesitation and builds up the partnering business as an industry leader who cares about their community getting place to place safely and efficiently!"


Unknown Spectator(s) at Ragbrai

"It's about time we get something cool like they have in New York or Chicago!"


"Hey, you over there!  I drive one of those in New Orleans!"


Josh Cooper, Skoop founder and CEO.

"We're not just moving passengers but we are driving traffic to as many local businesses as possible with our unique marketing capabilities. We have the power to create an exciting culture."

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