Make Your Next Date Night
One to Remember...

Customize our cabs, choose the itinerary, or let us do it all for you! The choice is yours!

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Pedicab Customizations include: 

  • LED Screen (pictures, videos, messages)

  • Music Choice

  • Style/Color of Pedicab 

  • Type of Canopy

    • Carriage fabric​

    • Square trellis

    • Industrial look with Edison bulbs

    • So much more

Service is available in Cedar Rapids,

Iowa City, & surrounding areas!

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Call or email us if you have any questions about customizing your date night!
           (319) 519-4355



Your special someone will appreciate the eco-friendly element to the surprise date you have in store, not to mention the fun and memorable experience you will both get to share!

Ride through petals in the spring, check out the vast mural art through downtown, shop at local retailers before grabbing dinner at a local restaurant, have a picnic along the river, the possibilities are endless!​​

We can accommodate your photographer, videographer, instrument, pet, or any other unique element you would like to include.


Set up a proposal, a date with friends, a loved one, or you're significant other! Whoever it is, we can guarantee they will love it.

These cabs are perfect for mobility impaired and anyone in need of extra assistance.  (319) 519-4355