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Digital Advertising


Why Are Bicycle Driven Billboards So Effective?

Huge Reach

We find and move around high traffic areas. Everyone in the area sees mobile billboards. We follow the physical network of people. We answer the public's questions and can hand out swag for you.


Specific Targeting

Mobility, paired with timing is our game. We access downtown streets and residential neighborhoods. We know that people like to mow on Saturday mornings and when the local university classes are letting out. We focus on community events, football games, commuter traffic, and more.


Mobile billboards cannot be muted, switched off or blocked. We are better than a wrapped vehicle because we are not moving amongst the same cars on a short commute.

By their nature, they are not easily avoidable  – even people who choose not to look at them directly still see them.

Bonus: Low CPM

Advertising isn't cheap. We're cost effective with more bang for the buck. We have less overhead and are extremely cost effective.


Banner Advertising

Mobile banner advertising is a versatile way to get your message to your target audience efficiently, economically and effectively. It turns heads and leaves impressions. Our drivers are your ambassadors. GPS Live Route Tracking is available.​

How does it work?

1.  Choose your banner size

2.  Send your Graphics

3.  Choose your route


4. Book your date/time/event






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