In 2019 Ben Snyder had an idea. As an avid cyclist he looked around and said "the world needs bikes". Ben has always been a proponent of utilitarian cycling. He also owns Project Gemini, a company designed to focus on leadership, organizational culture, and community building. He is an active volunteer in the area.


As of January 2020 Kathy Murphy joined the company. She is a staple of the cycling community in Iowa and leads a weekly cycling club with over 500 members. Kathy continues to work with cycling organizations across the state. 


Utility is at the heart of a bicycle. It is an efficient, nimble, and fast machine. It has full access to the community. In addition it is environmentally friendly and has a low overhead on business costs. This makes the cost significantly less for our clients in comparison to traditional competition.

The company is busy interacting with people as they advertise, deliver, and drive you to your needs!


We understand different needs of each community and organizations and adapt our three services to those needs. 

  • Advertising

    • Check out our fleet of trailers that can pull your banner

    • See our digital trailer here


  • Delivery

    • We are developing a proposal for CHOMP to enhance delivery by bicycle

    • Don't own a truck? Need lumber? Call us!

    • One of our trailers converts into a pallet jack so we make dorm life easy. Avoid congestion and effort by meeting us in an easy location and we'll move your student in for you.


  • Transportation

    • Enjoying a Friday night out? Let us take you from place to place.

    • Need to get from your car to the stadium?

    • Live a mile or two from work and you hate driving? Call us!

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